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Diesel World June 2017

Part one: Improving the 6.4L Power Stroke for superb usability

It’s hard to believe, but the 6.4L Power Stroke is coming up on ten years since it was first released mid-2007. The fully emission-equipped engine was the first to be offered by Ford with the full EGR, DPF, and catalytic converter systems bolted on, and it has had its share of issues. But thanks to the aftermarket, these platforms can make great daily drivers and towing rigs if a few steps are taken to help increase reliability and durability.

Banks Big Hoss Bundle

Of course, those stock numbers can all be improved with help from the right bolt-on pans. Any diesel engine needs two main things to make power: fuel and air Banks Power has been in the diesel game as long or longer than most every performance diesel company you’ll find, and their team of engineers know that the denser that air is, the more efficient and stronger a diesel will run. To help the 6.4L Power Stroke platform run a little better while keeping the factory emissions equipment intact, the Banks Big Hoss Bundle system will not only increase power and torque, but increase air density for a more usable powerband, while improving throttle response, turbo spool-up, and fuel mileage.

Upgraded Intake

Removing restrictions from the intake side of the factory turbochargers can improve spool-up and throttle response, so the Ram Air intake kit ensures easy breathing for the 6.4L motor. The fit and finish is flawless and the huge serviceable element filters great while flowing 31 % better than the stock system, As for the charge air side of the system, Banks also includes its Technicooler intercooler, which not only flows better than the stock unit due to better core and end tank designs, but it will dissipate heat more efficiently meaning better EGT control while towing.

Speed Brake

On the subject of towing, Banks offers an innovative Speed Brake option for the Big Hoss Bundle that integrates into the IQ monitoring system and ties into the factory turbocharger vane actuator to open and close the vanes on command. This offers a very effective form of exhaust braking to maintain and slow engine speed when you are trying to keep a load under control on steep grades.


The factory exhaust system can’t be modified or changed too much since the stock catalytic converter and diesel particulate filter (DPF) will remain intact. But from that DPF back, there’s still room for improvement. You can’t expect huge gains from the DPF-back exhaust kit, but the dual-tailpipe Monster Exhaust system offers a little better sound and much better looks compared to stock. The system removes the small factory muffler, and best of all eliminates the ugly dual-vented tailpipe section Ford came up with Using their patented Cool Cuff to reduce EGT before the exhaust reaches the tailpipes, Banks was able to develop a more aggressive-looking dual tailpipe section with big 5-inch polished stainless steel tips for a much bolder look.

Six Gun

The Six Gun tuner is used10 fine-tune the engines calibrations while offering select-on-the-fly tuning for easy access to an additional 100 hp and 200 Ib-ft of torque, all controlled through the state-of-the-art IQ color touchscreen monitor. With hundreds of different display options, you can fine-tune the 10 display to show you the data you really need to keep your 6.4L engine running a long, healthy life. Banks clean tune technology offers power increases you can feel from the drivers seat, without the unwanted thick black smoke that has been known to plug up DPFs and create unnecessary regenerations. Banks engineers spent countless h0urs tuning their software to make calculated adjustments to the pulse width, timing, boost and fuel pressures to alter strong acceleration and towing without the wont of engine and drivetrain problems. Working in conjunction with the Ram Air intake, Technicooler and Monster Exhaust, the Big Hoss Bundle can also reduce EGTs even at higher horsepower levels when compared to stock.


After just the first few fuel tanks of fuel after parts installation, the trucks owner has reported much better drivability, with a peppier throttle and the small jump in fuel mileage he’d hoped for. At around 400 rear-wheel horsepower, the truck is much nicer to drive- and who can complain about better mileage without affecting a warranty 0r local emissions laws, including those in California where the complete Banks system is certified? Over the course of the next few issues this truck will be going through a few more upgrades with front and rear differential covers, along with an adjustable front suspension leveling kit and a set of rear traction blacks and traction bars, all from One Up 0ff-R0ad, as well as a new head-duty front bumper from Throttle Down Kustoms.

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