We’re in the “Diesel” Army Now

Diesel Army featured the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover in a recent article, touting its reliability and longevity for your truck. The truck used was a 2021 RAM 2500 with only 40k miles. Even though the mileage was low, owner Jim Marrone felt it would be best to service the rear end and add the Ram-Air Diff Cover to ensure better cooling.

The standout features of the Ram-Air Diff Cover are the patented Ram-Air scoops that direct road air up through its long, thin heat rejection fins. “If you look at the inside of the Banks differential cover,” explains author Randy Bolig, “the first thing you notice is it has internal fins and is curved like the factory differential cover. These fins, grooves, and curvature direct oil to where it needs to go to keep your truck’s rear end properly lubricated with better-cooled oil.” The article lists quite a few compelling reasons why the Ram-Air Differential Cover is the best step in ensuring the durability and reliability of Jim’s truck, or any 3/4 and 1-ton RAM, Ford, or GM pickup.