Twin Rams Gear Up For Adventure

Bob Young and Noe Pimente are friends who have a lot in common, as most pals tend to do. What makes these two chums different is that they both drive RAM Diesels, and both have the same trailer. “We met through a friend. Noe’s daughter got married at my buddy’s wedding venue and they became friends, who then introduced my wife and I to Noe and his wife. We just hit it off and became good friends. The trucks and trailers were just a coincidence. What can I say, we both have good taste.” The only differences in their trucks are that Noe’s is a 2015 long bed, and Bob’s is a 2016 Mega Cab short bed. Both tow the sale Denale 34’ tailer. They share the same taste in Banks parts, which include the Ram-Air intakeMonster-Ram intake system, and Ram-Air Differential Cover. “Both Noe and I put the diff covers on ourselves. It was a thirty-minute job at most—a piece of cake.”

The addition of the Monster-Rams happened at the Banks’ Azusa, CA campus on the same day. They wanted to make sure their trucks will never run into the grid heater problem plaguing so many 6.7L Cummins engines. They were looking for more power and throttle response too. “We both felt the added power! The acceleration picked up and just the truck just goes better than it ever did. On the way home, we stopped off at In N Out to grab dinner. We were both in astonished at the difference it made in our trucks.”

“We’re headed out to Yellowstone, but we’ll stop off in Utah first. Then we’re headed to Mount Rushmore to spend a few days there, then Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona before coming back home. We’ll be gone a month. There’s going to be three other couples traveling with us on the first week, and then a fourth couple meeting us at Mount Rushmore. It’s going to be a big caravan of trucks and trailers! I’m anxious to see what kind of performance we’ll be getting towing with the Monster-Ram. We’ll be keeping an eye on the fuel economy as well.”