TV Host Preps Personal Truck for Towing

Lawrence “LT” Tolman may have moved on from Power Nation’s Truck Tech, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still wrenching. LT has his own YouTube channel which covers project builds, installations, and fabrication tips and tricks. Recently he installed a Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover on his 2020 GMC AT4 Duramax HD that has just a hair over 55,000 miles on the odometer. He wants to get it ready for a Summer of towing and the Banks cover is one of the first upgrades on his list.

LT was quick to point out that while many diff covers on the market increase the amount of fluid, Banks does not and retains the stock level. This is due to the engineering and testing that dispelled the myth that more fluid helps with cooling. In fact, most of the covers tested were poorly designed, causing that extra fluid to aerate and overheat. LT then shows how the Banks cover better directs the lube to keep the pinion and carrier pinions well lubricated. “Of course, the main feature is that they’ve got these scoops. They stick down just a little bit to grab air and bring it over the back of the diff cover, passing it through the fins on the back.”

LT wrapped up his installation by saying “The install of the Banks Diff cover could not have been simpler. It fits perfect, looks awesome, and most importantly we have an axle now that’s going to run a little bit cooler and have better lubrication on the inside which means it’s going to last longer.”

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