Truck Guy Installs Ram-Air on Duramax L5P

Joe Fallon of his YouTube channel truckguyjoe posted a video a few years back of the installation of a Banks Ram-Air intake system on his 2017 Chevy 2500HD L5P. He was really looking forward to the upgrade from the git-go. Joe was complementary to the installation instructions saying, “Banks does a really nice job of spelling it out for you step by step. I see no reason why I’ll have any trouble removing the stock intake and putting this together, and not having any hiccups.”

Once the stock intake was removed he laid the two systems next to each other and did a side-by-side comparison, showing the advantages between the factory and the Banks Ram-Air. “There’s more opportunity to get air into the intake.”

I could tell right away that there was an increase in overall performance. The throttle response is better, there’s less turbo lag, and this intake paired with the Derringer is fantastic! This truck is making more power!

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