“The ONLY Tool You NEED!”

That’s the name of do-it-yourselfer Ryan Mayer’s latest video. As those who follow his popular YouTube channel know, the stars of the show are his lime green RAM 6.7L and lime green Hellcat. Although there’s a fair amount of data displayed on both dashboards, they’re no match for the iDash DataMonster or iDash SuperGauge.

There are plenty of temps, pressures, and voltages that in many cases, auto manufacturers either don’t think you need to see or don’t want you to see. They want you to drive your vehicle in ignorance is bliss mode, not really knowing what’s going on, outside of some basic idiot lights.

That’s where the iDash comes in. Not only can you see all the data you’d expect, but there are hundreds of parameters to help you keep an eye on your engine and trans. You can evaluate your turbo, intercooler, or air intake system with various groups of air density parameters found on no other gauge on the planet. Trans slip, ethanol content, boost, manifold air density… and the list goes on for days. Got a trouble code or check engine light? You can read and clear codes right from the iDash.

As Ryan turns his Hellcat into a real racer and his RAM into a bigger beast, data acquisition will be imperative. What’s happening inside his engine and trans? For the first time, he’ll know.