Density Testing: Ram-Air Testing for 2019 RAM

The Banks Test Group engineers have instrumented the intake system in a 2019 RAM test mule and are running tests both on-highway and on the dyno to fingerprint the density target requirement of the stock components. Extensive use of the iDash DataMonster, AirMouse, and both Banks analog and thermocouple modules for the instrumentation and data logging. By running the tests on the stock system first the engineering team will know what the goal was set from the factory for the intake system to hit. Once they have that information the engineers can design a system to beat that “bogey.”

Additionally, competitive products in the marketplace will be purchased, installed and tested on the development truck. The information gathered will help marketing convey the message about the benefits of the Banks system and provide valuable intel on competitive products which will push the product engineers to make the best product possible.