The Fast Lane Truck Gets Saved by iDash

The Fast Lane Truck (TFL) does a great job of putting trucks through a myriad of grueling tests. `However, the subject of the latest video wasn’t what Andre wanted to show viewers, it was what he couldn’t show viewers. After just six weeks of ownership, his new 2023 Chevy Colorado’s digital instrument cluster failed to turn on. It was black. “Everything is normal, seemingly, but my gauge cluster is dead. My central screen works, the gauge cluster is dead.” Andre had no speedo, tach, coolant temp, fuel level, or oil pressure gauge. Everything was black.

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The saving grace was the iDash DataMonster that the Fast Lane Truck crew has been using in their trucks to display information and to data log for their various tests. “I’m using a Banks iDash DataMonster, which is the ONLY way currently that I know my RPM, my speed, my fuel level, and other data. Why I have this gauge plugged into my OBD-II port is because we use the gauge in our I70 high-altitude Gauntlet tests, explained Andre. “If I didn’t have this gauge this truck would be undrivable!”

The iDash inside the Fast Lane Truck

After resetting the new truck several times, the next logical step was to disconnect the battery, wait a few minutes, reconnect, and start it up. After a few attempts, the gauge cluster finally came to life. Shortly after watching Andre’s video, we sent him a GM Technical Service Bulletin explaining the nature of the problem. Apparently, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. The lesson here—while the manufacturer may have you flying blind, the Banks iDash will always show you the way.