The Esotouric podcast

Gale is interviewed by the folks at “You Can’t Eat The Sunshine – The Esotouric podcast.”

The Esotouric Podcast
mike the poet

Gale is interviewed by Mike at “You Can’t Eat The Sunshine – The Esotouric podcast.” Here’s some info on tthese fine folks: “Esotouric bus adventures debuted in May 2007 and soon was offering more than a dozen provocative tours into the secret heart of Los Angeles and the incredible personalities that made the city great, from the mad scientists of Pasadena Confidential to literary lions like Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski. Packed with original research, startling connections, snappy asides, vintage slideshows and visits to off-the-beaten-track landmarks, each Esotouric bus adventure offers something fresh for natives or newcomers, and celebrates the true culture of a city too often dismissed as superficial and soulless.”

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