Tacoma Throttle Delay Blues

Rich moved to his new 2022 Toyota Tacoma 3.5L TRD off-road from his Nissan Titan with the Cummins 5.0L diesel, and while the truck is better all-around there is something that’s actually worse. “When I had the Titan, that Cummins was super slow to react. It was super sluggish! I mean it seemed like minutes before the thing came up with usable power. You can imagine my surprise when I switched over to the new Tacoma that it was actually worse than the Titan. The throttle delay is awful, from when you roll off the line to when you want more power for passing. It’s really sad when people zoom around you to get in front because you’re too slow!”

Tacoma gets an iDash

“Let me just say that I love the truck, and the engine is pretty amazing. It just takes too much effort on my part to get it going. I’ve taken the truck off-road, and it’s really impressive for stock suspension. It’s nimble and smooth. But that throttle delay is bad though. Knowing what Banks does, I went to them for help, and got a PedalMonster.”

No more Tacoma throttle delay

“The PedalMonster completely cured the problem. My plan for the truck is to make it an Overlander. With all of the stuff I’ll be adding, the additional weight would have made the lag even worse. With the PedalMonster, I’ll be able to adjust the response for every situation making this truly something that’ll grow with my truck and my adventures.”