Seeking Information via Banks

Robert “Bear” Fulmer was seeking information. He watched the Banks YouTube Channel and was inspired by how Gale Banks adds the element of teaching. “I saw you guys doing “Killing a Duramax” and started writing down all of the stuff that was being used. I wrote down all the formulas, and I just thought I wanted to know all that information instead of guessing on my project build. So I bought an iDash DataMonster, two 5-Channel Analog Sensor Modules with frequency, a regular 4-Channel Module, an AirMouse, and all the sensors I needed. For the frequency use, I wanted to see turbo speed and RPM.”

Banks iDash displaying information

“The car is a ’65 Impala wagon with an LQ9 out of a 2003 Cadillac Escalade. It’s a 6.0L, that’s 40-over, running about 10.5 to 1. I’ve been working on the car for the last four and a half years. It’s like the second or third motor that’s been in there. This time I want it to be perfect.”

Banks Sensors collect information

Bear’s sensor information network is a work in progress, with the best part being that if he wants to see and collect any new data his network of sensors is completely expandable by just adding on another module and the appropriate sensors. “I’m still working on the full install. I made a diagram of what I want to see, and I’m hanging it on my garage wall. When I get things going I’m going to test the altitude and its effects on the performance by driving up Mount Saint Helens!”

We’re glad our videos could help, Bear! Knowledge is power.