Diesel Injection Service: A Decade of Tradition

Diesel Injection Service was started in 1951 by World War II veteran, Franklin Ostoich as a side gig. But, it quickly turned into a full-time venture. The business has the distinguished honor of being recognized by Bosch as its first authorized injector rebuilder in the United States.

After Frank’s passing, the business was taken over by his son, Mark, who continued the company’s guiding principles of integrity and quality, expanding their knowledge and obtaining the latest equipment as technology marched forward. In 2021, Frank was ready to retire so long-time employees, the Marshall brothers, Anthony and Donovan, bought the business from him.

Franklin Ostoich began the decade's tradition at Diesel Injection Service

Services Offered:

Diesel Injection Service can do injectors, it’s in the name, but can they do anything else? Anthony has the answer: “If your truck is sick bring it in. We don’t just work on trucks, we’ll work on anything that has a diesel engine. We have five bays to help service our customers. If you want brakes done, we’ll direct you to another expert. We just do engines.”

“As far as performance goes, Banks is one of the only performance brands that we sell and install. The products are sound and deliver on their performance promises. I run Banks on my own truck. Banks shares the same principles: Treat the customer right, with respect, and offer the best product and service possible. “

Anthony and Donovan have a history of working together, attending UTI, and starting their careers at the same hot rod shop. Anthony moved on to Diesel Injection Service, and after five months told his brother that he had to come over. “It’s hard to explain how cool this place is. It’s clean and state-of-the-art because we’ve always kept up with the latest testing and rebuilding equipment. When I came here it was like how I imagined a shop would be when I was learning at UTI. My brother and I started at the bottom, worked our way to management, and then bought it. When we bought it we vowed not to change the recipe, because the product quality and customer service was already second-to-none. We offer the best rebuilt injectors, pumps, and service… period.”

Diesel Injection Service
1620 Fairway Ave
Colton, CA 92324
(909) 885-0590