Road and Track share Gale’s Video

This week saw Gale’s latest video entry in his Killing a Duramax series (number 12, btw)  being shared and commented on by none other than Road and Track. In the article they make a point to reiterate what Gale is teaching in the video: streamlining piping in an engine build can free up stifled horsepower. 

The Road and Track staff put it this way: “If you’re driving on a road with a bunch of tight turns, your average speed over that stretch of road is going to be slower, because you have to slow down to make those turns. But if that road is straight, you won’t have to slow down as much, so your average speed will be faster.” That’s a great metaphor, and it shines true as Gale’s demonstration nets an additional 60 horsepower by simply easing up on the twist and turns in the intake and exhaust system.

Read the Road & Track article here