R&D Update: PedalMonster Testing

2019 Dodge Charger 392 Scat Pack

Testing on the upcoming Banks PedalMonster continues. This new product won’t be exclusively for diesels–we’re working on a variety diesel or gasoline cars, trucks, SUV, hybrids and more. Banks Test Pilots, such as the owner of the pictured 2019 Dodge Charger, are key to the success of the product line. This Charger (equipped with Dodge’s Scat Pack 6.4 liter 485-HP V8) is already a performance powerhouse, but with the PedalMonster the throttle response of the 6.4 liter is immediate.

There’s been a lot of valuable feedback from the Test Pilot program, and all of the suggestions and data is helping Banks to make the best product possible. Changes have been made to include Banks exclusive features including the PedalMonster being OBD-II connected allowing the unit to offer a reverse lockout feature. This feature prevents increased pedal sensitivity while backing up. And unlike other throttle boosters, the PedalMonster doesn’t draw current from the pedal connector. The pedal connector is not designed to have any additional current draw. This is why other modules on the market cause check engine lights and reduced engine power. The PedalMonster, on the other hand, draws its current from the OBD port where it won’t affect any other circuit.

PedalMonster is the only throttle booster with built-in safety circuitry. Should the module lose power, it instantly defaults to stock. All other pedal boosters tested and none had no safety circuitry of any kind. If something happens, they cause a check engine light and render the pedal completely unresponsive. The driver has no control over the throttle. It’s like the pedal was removed from the vehicle, a potentially dangerous situation. This cannot happen with the PedalMonster because it’s constantly checking itself.

The PedalMonster goes on sale in April 2020 and will be compatible with the Banks iDash SuperGauge, iDash DataMonster or controlled from your phone via Bluetooth.