Diesel Tech

Jeremy started Diesel Tech in 2004 and ran the business out of his house very briefly, as the business quickly grew beyond the confines of his home. The time to expand came sooner than expected and he opened up a new shop in 2006 where it currently is today. Going from a three-person business to one with many techs, testers and all the equipment needed to serve the customer correctly, Jeremy feels that Diesel Tech is moving in the right direction.

Diesel Tech can be described pretty much as a one-stop shop offering bumper to bumper service (excluding body work). “In the beginning we were known for our work on Ford diesels,” remembers Jeremy, “but now our techs are completely well-versed on all of the offerings from the Big Three. Our diesel techs are all dealer trained and certified.” Most of the work done today is repairs, and with the performance landscape changing Jeremy prefers Banks to the less emissions-friendly products on the market. “It’s nice to know that Banks is a great alternative to the stuff that’s out there, and that we can offer performance that is CARB compliant. It’s especially great that Banks offers the hard parts like intercoolers and intakes. Having E.O. numbers to give to the customers is really nice.”

Jeremy finished by saying “We take our work seriously, and we concentrate on diesel only. We can say with pride that diesel is our specialty. It’s what we do, and it’s in our name.”

Diesel Tech
1685 S. State St.
San Jacinto, CA 
(951) 766-5777