Racing History Opens Eyes to Diff Cover

Patrick Blakeley discovered Banks when he was researching land speed record vehicles. “I’m planning on building a diesel motorcycle to try for a salt flats record,” he explains. “I want to do something really different. In my research, I saw that Banks had built the diesel-powered Sidewinder Dakota, and I was amazed. That vehicle pulled me into a Banks rabbit hole, getting me deeper and deeper into who Gale is, what he’s done, and what Banks as a company has to offer. That led me to discover the Ram-Air Diff Cover. After seeing the testing and how it was designed, I knew it wasn’t just something that I could CNC myself. This was the real deal. I love the functional ram scoops, the sight glass, and that O-ring seal. I’m thinking that the next purchase for my 2005 RAM will be the Six-Gun and iDash SuperGauge.

For Patrick, who owns two businesses himself, the Banks experience was more than the actual product. “I’m extremely satisfied with every aspect of my purchase from Banks. Normally when you part with $500 or so you kind of have buyer’s remorse when it shows up, thinking that you could have either made it yourself or that you should have gotten it used. With Banks, you have a sense of gratification. When I bought the Banks Ram-Air Differential Cover I bought a transmission pan and cooler from another manufacturer. The difference was huge in product and presentation. The box, the printing, the premium stickers, the website, the tracking, the email… In contrast, I recently ordered ball joints and control arms from a reputable company. They just showed up in a plain box with no label, and no instructions. With the Diff Cover, it was totally different. Everything, even some funny little things on the box, was almost personal. I opened it up on the couch with my boy, we pulled out a sheet with a QR code and we loaded up the installation video. It wasn’t long and boring, it had some humor in it, and it told us everything that we needed to know on how to install it. It really amped up my boy, and he was chomping at the bit to install it. My 16-year-old son and I put it on the truck in about 20 minutes. 


“Seriously, I’m saying a real thank you to the whole team there at Banks from the top to the bottom. I am impressed and a fan for life. Thank you so much. And Mr. Banks, you are an inspiration for me to race at Bonneville.”