Quicker Performance for Modified 4-Banger

Erik’s 2016 Camaro 2.0L Ecotec isn’t as potent as the V8 that year, but it’s about to get a quicker performance. Also, it does have a fairly respectable output with 275 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque with the turbo’s 20 psi of boost. Well-placed shifts of its six-speed manual gearbox, make the car fun to zip around in and create some fun driving. But that’s with the stock turbo, and the stock calibration. With a turbo from ZZP and a “work-in-progress” performance tune, the car pulls like it’s being dragged by a herd of angry horses—when the car gets into boost that is. When the car is at lower RPMs the engine is far less riled.

Modified 4-Banger gets an iDash and PedalMonster

Erik installed the PedalMonster on a recommendation, and the results surprised him. “Look, I know it doesn’t add horsepower, but you could have fooled me! Even with the modifications done to the engine, the PedalMonster transforms how the car drives. The acceleration is almost instant, and when you shift into the next gear the power is right back where it needs to be reducing that laggy feeling. I have to turn it down to the higher part of CITY mode for normal driving around town, but the fact that I can instantly crank it back up is amazing!”

The iDash is crucial in getting the quicker performance

The iDash plays a crucial part in the car’s ongoing calibration evolution. “I use the DataMonster to log runs and then send them back to the calibrator. It’s extremely useful for keeping an eye on everything. And with the additional SuperGauge, it’s all in eyesight at a moment’s glance.”

Gales longtime friend lent us his Camaro 2.0L Ecotec for help getting a quicker performance.