Putting the “Sport” in the Customer’s Edge

Anthony owns a 2011 3.7L Ford Edge Sport, but to him, the “Sport” aspect really wasn’t there. “I was always bothered by the absence of throttle engagement when I needed it. It’s not the biggest engine, but it should have some spunk. I actually purchased the Banks PedalMonster because I nearly got into an accident. It wasn’t the kind that you brake for, it was the kind that you punch the gas to get the hell out of the way!”

After that close call, Anthony started getting suggestions about other throttle boosters on the market, but a friend set him on the path to Banks. “I read about all of the other products, but then I remembered my friend that had a Ford F-350 turbo diesel. He had this little knob on the dash that said ‘Banks’ on it, and when you turned it to different settings that sucker flew! You could feel the rear wheels pushing the thing! It would actually break the tires loose! He always told me if you ever buy a Ford always buy a Banks product, and that they make them for other cars. I gave the PedalMonster a try and boom, that car’s hesitation was gone.”