Power Products: ’03-‘07 Ford 6.0L Power Stroke

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While newer trucks are all the rage thanks to advancements in technology like high-output engines, mobile-connected infotainment systems, towing and creature comforts, the price to buy one can be staggering. Considering that older trucks are plentiful, relatively inexpensive to get into, and have the power potential with upgrades to meet or exceed the horsepower and torque of a new truck, there’s a lot of room to play if you desire or need a diesel on a budget. One such example is the 6.0-liter Ford Power Stroke offered from ’03 to ’07. The engine did have its woes, but its flaws have been solved allowing for rock-solid builds that provide dependability and mileage even newer trucks can’t obtain.

As long as there’s been a diesel engine option from the factory there have been modifications available from the aftermarket, but few offerings had the bang-for-the-buck and added safety features that Banks STILL offers today! Banks has a host of proven power products for the 6.0-liter Power Stroke that are 50-State compliant and offer fantastic power, economy, and safety features to protect your investment. The Banks Six-Gun, Monster Exhaust, Ram-Air Intake, and intercooler upgrade were engineered, tested, and proven to make impressive power. Check out the episode of TRUCKS! TV from 2004 to see just what these products combined could do on a Ford F-250 back in the day.