Leah Cordalone’s 2019 Ford F-350

Leah is a first responder for an air ambulance company in the Arctic regions of Canada working 14 hours on the job, and 14 days off the job. It’s a strenuous profession that requires hours of travel just to get to her remote location, let alone being on call for any emergency that may arise at any time. Sometimes the job sees her heading out more than three times a day to render assistance via helicopter. In those precious 14 days off the job, she likes to tow her 33-foot fifth-wheel trailer and 15-foot toy trailer behind that to her favorite spots for some rest and play. Her 2019 F-350 Crew Cab Power Stroke is running a light tune for some extra towing power and mileage, but she still wanted to monitor the truck’s vitals as she towed. “I went with the iDash DataMonster due to its ability to connect with the OBD2”, said Leah. “It was super easy to install and lets me see everything that is important to me at a glance. I’ve really enjoyed the interface and all of its options. I haven’t had any trouble towing yet, but it’s a load off my mind that if there is I’ll be able to see and know what’s going on because the iDash is there.”

Towing her trailer to camp out isn’t the only thing she’s interested in during her off days, she has a need for speed. “My dad used to drag race, so I kinda grew up with the bug for going fast. I have a pretty big build going on with a Chevy half-ton right now. I’m going through the engine and changing the compression so that I can run some big boost with a supercharger. I’m looking to get 700 to 800 street-able horsepower when it’s all done. I plan on monitoring EVERYTHING with three iDash gauges in that one. I’m hooked!”