UNBOXING LokJaw’s new chassis! | BB 15

IT’S HERE! Gale is unboxing LokJaw’s new chassis. The Roadster Shop Spec Series chassis for our ’66 Chevy C20 big window pickup arrived in a huge wooden crate and Gale couldn’t wait to crack it open. Watch as he pries his way in so he can inspect the chassis manufacturer’s impressive engineering. He also explains why we chose a Ford 9″ full-floating rear axle.

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Viewer questions
04:41 Chassis specs
05:23 Unboxing
06:21 Chassis overview
08:33 Kibbetech steering knuckles
10:34 Strange rear end
12:10 Eaton Truetrac
15:43 Next week’s episode

The chassis has a custom 8-lug axle from Strange Engineering, which you may recall from episode six. A truly rare and strange sight in the hot rod world.

Unboxing the chassis reveals the custom 8-lug axle from Strange Engineering.

The unboxing episode wraps up with Gale telling the team at the Roadster Shop that he loves the chassis. Next week, the Banks team works on the first supercharged Duramax camshaft in episode 16. At 4,200 RPM, the stock Duramax L5P intake valve is only open for nine-thousandths of a second. Gale explains how our new .400″ and .500″ experimental camshafts will open the valves higher and longer, allowing for more airflow, without contacting the piston. Sharpen your pencil, school is in session.