Moving iDash to Eye-Level

William Johnson’s 2023 Toyota Tacoma may be his runaround town truck, but keeping an eye on performance is pretty important. “I go between a few different pages that I’ve set up on the iDash SuperGauge,” explained William. “I monitor cylinder air density (CAD), manifold air temperature (MAT) so that I can compare it to outside air density with the AirMouse, engine coolant, and the PedalMonsteroutput gauge. On another page, I monitor Ambient Air Density (AAD), how many pounds of air that the engine is ingesting, and a few other things. I like to keep an eye on the density aspects of what’s going into the engine, because the cooler/denser air going in the engine means the more power the engine’s making with less effort. I learned that from watching your Banks videos on YouTube.”

William has been running the iDash for a while now, but when the Stealth Pod Mount was released, he immediately moved the iDash from where he had it. “I didn’t have my iDash SuperGauge in a great spot. It was under the radio in the little tray. It really wasn’t ideal to look at. The Sealth Pod is a great addition and it puts the data right where I can see it.”

“These trucks come from the factory with such a horrible throttle delay. It literally takes one or two seconds before the ECM registers that you stepped on it. With the PedalMonster, it scoots without any hesitation. I use the SPORT level 6, and as soon as you touch the throttle, it takes off. This 4-liter feels like a much larger engine!”