More Air Density for ’20-’23 Duramax

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Bob’s Garage Tech posted a video of him adding the Banks Ram-Air Intake to his 2022 GMC Duramax Denali. Having just recently installed the Banks iDash SuperGauge, the Derringer Tuner, and PedalMonster Bob’s truck is benefiting from the added power and response. And it’s important to note that it’s the ONLY intake system to deliver more air mass than stock thanks to its patented Air Mass Control Model. Without this important electronic device, competitors are limited to stock airflow or risk annoying check engine lights. 

After a short unboxing of the Ram-Air system, Bob goes right to dismantling the stock intake with the help of intuitive instructions from Banks’ website. After a quick and simple installation, Bob hits the road for a test drive, and once again Banks passes the test. “Man, that’s beefy,” exclaims Bob. “I like it! It sounds great, too! No drone. Another thumbs up for Banks!”