Monster-Ram’s Performance Impresses Owner

Michael Schemerhorn is pleased with his recent installation of the Banks Monster-Ram on his 2014 Ram 6.7L diesel. “I was talking with my kids about it and they wanted to delete it right away,” he said. “But I knew there was performance to be had without all of that hassle. I looked around and all my searches kept turning up Banks. Gale has been around for a long time, and I watched his videos where he explains everything without the hype. I didn’t even know about the heater grid problem until my son pointed it out to me. And of course, Banks has come up with an engineered solution to this OEM problem. I can’t believe that they put out a product that will eventually destroy itself.”

“Printing out the installation guide made all the difference for me,” Schemerhorn continued. “It was full-color and the steps were highlighted. The explanation of what to do was excellent. I had about 8 hours into the job. My son helped me about halfway through, which was helpful for getting into the small areas. I wouldn’t say that it was an easy project, but neither of us are mechanics and I’m pretty old school and slow. I’m sure someone with real mechanical talent would make easy work of the upgrade. The product design and engineering are nice, and I consider all the parts to be high quality. I have the red one and it looks badass!”

“I took the truck out for its first drive after installing it and I was worried because I didn’t notice much of a difference. But after about 10-15 minutes, I stopped to check under the hood and ensure everything was okay. I can only figure that the computer needed a little time to adjust, because after that, the truck came to life! I immediately noticed a significant and consistent increase in throttle response and power. My son and I were amazed. What impresses me the most is the throttle response. Now I’m excited about adding a Banks Ram-Air Intake, and then a Banks Intercooler Upgrade. All I can say is well done, Banks, well done!”