Monster Exhaust Helps F-350 Breathe

When Trey added the Banks Monster Exhaust to his 2021 Ford F-350 Power Stroke it really surprised him just what a noticeable difference it made. He competes in rodeo and team roping events. Among the trailers he tows are a livestock trailer and another is a Big Tex flatbed that is used to haul heavy equipment. He’s always moving a lot of weight around. It became apparent to him right away that this simple upgrade made a difference.

“The Monster Exhaust is awesome,” exclaimed Trey. “It has a great fit and is super easy to install! The description said it would not fit with a gooseneck hitch. It clears my B&W turnover hitch with lots of room to spare. There’s a noticeable difference while driving as the truck doesn’t seem to jump or lurch into gears anymore, which is really welcome when towing the livestock. The response felt improved, and overall there is less lag on the throttle at any speed. I Installed a Ram-Air Intake a while ago, and I thought that was an improvement, but with the Monster Exhaust, you can really tell it just inhales and exhales with less obstruction. I also feel that the exhaust brake responds so much better. It’s all very noticeable with just these two upgrades.”