Lifted Titan Gets Boost with PedalMonster

Serial Titan owner Chuck Lawson recently put the Pedal Monster on his 2021 Nissan Titan hoping to get back some lost acceleration after his upgrades. “I have it lifted with an Icon suspension, Nitto Ridge Grapplers, 20” Fuel wheels, and it really needed the boost”, said Chuck. “With the mud terrains and everything it was just bogging down so much, even more, sluggish than stock. With the PedalMonster set to the SPORT mode about halfway up, it totally rejuvenated the truck beyond my expectations. I mean it really gets that V8’s true power to the ground. I’m running it with the phone app now, but looking to update to an iDash SuperGauge soon.”

Chuck has had several Nissan Titans, including his ’04 that he recently sold to his client. “That truck has 400K miles on it, and it’s still running strong. I put the Banks Monster Exhaust right after I bought it, and it was the best thing that I did for that truck. Sounded so badass! That’s what got me to be a Banks fan. The quality of the product. There just isn’t anything like it out there.”