Updated circuit boards ready for duty!

The latest pre-production Banks PedalMonster has updated circuit boards and is being readied for further testing. The PedalMonster is an excellent example of the relentless pursuit of product perfection here at Banks. Essentially done and ready for consumer use months ago, Banks instead decided to expand the “Test Pilot” program by getting the product in as many different vehicles as possible and to really listen to the feedback from the testers. Doing this also gives us an opportunity to make sure it’s the most fun and safest throttle booster.

Further improvements to calibrations, response, and additional features have been added. This new version will connect to the OBD-II diagnostic port which will provide a constant 12v power supply to the module for uninterrupted steady power, which will circumvent problems seen on many throttle adjustment devices due to their connection to a low-voltage source, namely, the pedal plug itself. The added benefit is that the module can now read what gear the vehicle is in, including reverse.

The phone app that will control the standalone PedalMonster has been ready to go. Now that we have updated circuit boards, stay tuned for on-sale info and reviews from Test Pilots. We’re getting close to launching this industry-changing throttle booster! Don’t be left behind.