Killing A Duramax Sneak Peek

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As you’ll see in this short video clip, Erik from Banks’ engineering team has been hard at work on the Killing a Duramax engine (not to be confused with the supercharged twin-turbo). Remember, we have two Duramax engine projects going on simultaneously.

Even though the stock turbo has long since been replaced by a Precision 7675 helping the engine reach 852 horsepower, it was at its flow limit due to the restrictive stock turbine inlet piping and exhaust system. To fix this Erik removed and replaced the stock pedestal with a fabricated high-flow collector sitting atop 2-1/4″ to 3″ up-pipes. To reduce exhaust backpressure, he fabricated a 3″ to 5” rocket nozzle-shaped conical turbine outlet.

The goal is to push the engine to 900 hp without upgrading the internals. If the engine is happy, we’ll install the Comp cam that Gale UNBOXED two weeks ago and go for 1,000 horsepower.