Joshua Sweet’s 2019 Chevy Silverado

Coming from an LML Duramax with an aggressive tune and a full-delete, Joshua Sweet was disappointed with the power of his stock L5P. “My old truck was the fastest truck I’ve ever had,” said Joshua, “and I loved it!” However, the truck was so modified that he couldn’t take it to a dealership for repairs, and with it getting older he wanted something newer—and street legal

His new truck, a 2019 Duramax-powered Chevy Silverado, had just 54,000 miles on it when he purchased it. After a month of owning it he knew it needed something done to get the power he was missing. “As much as I liked the truck it felt a little slow, and if you were at highway speeds and wanted to pass someone it would take forever for it to build up steam. It was driving me crazy. I read some really good reviews on the PedalMonster, so I bit the bullet and got a Derringer and iDash at the same time. My next purchase is going to be the Ram-Air system, because I’ve been reading up on how restrictive the stock system is. Seems like there’s more power to be had there, too. I also don’t much like the way the stock exhaust looks like an afterthought, and the position of the tip. I hate the way it goes straight out the back. An exhaust system might be in order soon, too.”

Joshua took a hole saw to his dash bezel to install the iDash SuperGauge right where he wanted it, which monitors the truck’s functions and controls both the Derringer and the PedalMonster. “I switched the Derringer all the way to level 6 and ripped around a parking lot one day, and my kids loved it. I think where it’s going to really shine will be when I tow, especially when hauling my gooseneck. Even with that added power, I got to playing around with the PedalMonster… and man does that thing make a difference! It really does make it feel like a new truck. It gives the truck such a different feel and makes the whole thing so much more fun to drive. And the icing on the cake is that the whole truck is still emissions legal.”