Jared from Wrench Every Day tests PedalMonster

Fans know Jared Pink as the man behind YouTube’s Wrench Every Day channelTavarish’s mechanic, as well as co-star of YouTube’s hit series, Car Trek

As fans know, Jared’s previous truck, a Nissan Titan, suffered an early demise while towing the Car Trek exotics around last season. Since the cars weren’t going to tow themselves, he bought a 2015 Duramax-powered 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD. But within hours of driving his new dually, he noticed a fairly obvious dead spot in the pedal. He immediately set out to not only fix his case of dead pedal but add a little performance too. 

Jared reached out to Banks for a solution. The answer was a PedalMonster throttle booster to fix the sponge pedal and an AutoMind 2 programmer which added 135 horsepower and 240 lb-ft of torque. After installation, he timed his 40-60 acceleration. 

40-60 mph three-run average:
Stock: 4.85 seconds
PedalMonster: 4.42 seconds
PedalMonster with AutoMind 2 tune: 3.52 seconds

Next week, Jared installs his Ram-Air rear diff cover just in time to hit the road with half a million dollars in tow.