3,000hp Cummins explodes, pistons rain from the sky

Todd Welch sat in the driver’s seat as his engine exploded and sent pistons into the grandstands. The spectacular destruction took place during the dyno competition at Ultimate Callout Challenge this past Saturday. The Power Driven Diesel had prepared for the event by successfully running several 2,700 hp pulls. But the team had been fighting issues tuliping the valves on their main engine so they swapped to their backup engine for the now infamous dyno pull. 

Moments before the engine block broke around the camshaft, it hit a whopping 2,369 hp and 3,040 lb-ft of torque. 

In a video captured from the grandstands, parts could be seen raining from the sky, including a piston, which was promptly picked up and inspected by a fan.

The mechanical carnage was quickly the subject of hundreds of fans’ attention including the young man on the left, who was proudly sporting a Banks SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL DIESEL SHOP hat. 

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