iDash for Tacoma Owners!

Tacomas are notorious for a lack of driver information. With the Banks iDash, Tacoma owners can now monitor and record more than 90 pressures, temps, speeds, deltas, and fluid levels with the iDash DataMonster and iDash SuperGauge. Parameters that you’ve been dying to see are now available to monitor—transmission temp, transmission gear, actual coolant temp, fuel rail pressure, steering angle and so much more! Got a check engine light? The powerful diagnostics menu allows you to read and clear trouble codes. 

But the iDash isn’t just an OBD gauge. It’s the ultimate engine evaluation tool. Add a supercharger or aftermarket intake system? The iDash’s patented calculated parameters will allow you to measure the engine’s boost air density and manifold air density which are the ultimate arbiters of horsepower. You’ll know if the aftermarket mods actually added power or are headed for the dumpster.

Set custom alerts, log minimums and maximums, and display 2-8 parameters on each of its 5 customizable screens. And, change the sensitivity of your PedalMonster throttle controller right from the iDash as you drive! Best of all, the iDash mounts securely to the A-pillar in our new iDash Stealth Pod for 3rd Gen Tacomas. You’ll have perfect line-of-sight while not obstructing any of your precious windshield visibility.