Got Pipes? How about…Ten Inch Duals?

Is there any greater music than a perfect high-horsepower exhaust note? Check out the 10″ diameter dual pipes on Banks Dyno rooms 1 and 2. The L5P Dmax is up now, and some Twin Turbo gas stuff is next in line. I’ll do a little video next time we run so you can enjoy the roar. Note the cutouts on the right pair for running nitro burners? Those mufflers are 10″ core straight through – because I don’t want any accumulated nitro to bang one!

You may also be wondering about those hoods on the roof. We need them to shield our two 40,000 CFM Dyno room ventilation systems, where we run more than the 5-second sweeps you see on YouTube. Our longest tests are for our military marine engines. They go 800 hours (33 days), 85% of which is at full throttle.

We’re serious cats when it comes to making engines live!

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