Ford Performance without Deletion

We recently spoke to JT about the Banks parts that he installed on his 2021 Ford F-250 for some added Ford performance. “This is my first diesel truck,” he confessed. “I’ve always wanted one and finally saved up enough money to get what I wanted. I did a lot of research on performance parts for it, and I found that many people were on a ‘delete it’ kick. I’m not interested in something that isn’t reliable or legal, and reliability is the one thing that I’ve always heard about Banks products.”

The interior of the Ford F-250 with added Ford performance from the PedalMonster.

“Search the net and everyone is telling you that they have the best stuff out there, but they just don’t do the testing that Banks does, even going out and testing competitive products and listing what they’re doing so that you can actually see what you’d get for your money. Watching Banks’ videos and seeing others’ products made me feel really safe buying them. I went with the Ram-Air Intake System and the PedalMonster. The parts came relatively quick, and installation was a snap!”

Adding to the Ford performance is the Banks Ram-Air

“I do a lot of towing with my truck. I have two horses that I move around. The truck stock has a lot of power, but the parts really woke it up! On TRACK mode it’s ridiculous how fast it moves. The family really likes how fast it is now, and my wife has commented that with the Ram-Air she can really hear the engine turbo. It just sounds beefier. I’ve also noticed gains in my MPG, so that is a great surprise. It’s just all pretty impressive, and it’s doing so much without going the deleted route.”

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