Ford F-100 Eco Banks

As a life long Hotrodder, engine swaps are a way of life. Huge engines in little cars or trucks, that’s the money! Improvements in social status were sure to follow, right? So, why is her dad holding that shotgun?

Today, I’m turning the tables. Today, I’m leading the charge toward light weight high speed diesel. Fat man inna little coat… your days are numbered!

The Banks 630T shares heritage with the current half ton Ram offering, the Eco Diesel. At Banks we use our own version based on the VM Motori designed, and Fiat supplied, World Engine. Gale Banks Engineering is a Tier 1 Powertrain supplier to defense vehicle builders. We have been selling this Powertrain combination for over 3 years.

Today we have Diesels with the power density, pounds per horsepower, to do some amazing things. A case in point is the Banks 630T 3.0L Diesel V6. We swapped one into a Chevy One Ton Dually recently!

Little engine inna big fat truck, this is my Futurists View of tomorrow, Gale Banks

The engine we removed was an LB7 Duramax V8 rated at 300 hp and 520 lbft. It was backed by an Allison 1000 series 5 speed. That was swapped for our Banks V6 at 302 hp and 514 lbft, in its final calibration. Our 6 speed automatic with dual clutch torque converter, backs the V6. The net effect is a lot less weight and one whopping big mileage gain. Oh, it’s quicker too!

Yes, I know I could tune the LB7 for more power, it’s what I do! This is not that, this is a comparison of a displacement reduction from 6.6L to 3.0L, both rated at the same power and torque. This is the, “Future According To Banks”.

Wow, I’ve always wanted to say That!

Our 630T high performance manifold can be seen with its protective step plate mounted. This stops inadvertent damage by military maintainable personnel who sometimes step on the engine.

The Banks 6 speed is based on the 6L90 GM Cadillac CTSv which we reconfigure as shown for mounting to the Banks torque converter housing at front and a 4wd transfer case on the rear, 2wd versions are also supplied.

Here’s a trial fit of the Banks 630T V6 3.0L Diesel Powertrain in the F-100 for firewall and chassis clearance.

Next in line is a Ford F-100 swap using this exact V6 Powertrain, it’s coming soon to a magazine near you! I’m baiting you here as its embargoed until press time!

Here’s a tease on the Banks Diesel powered Truck Trend F-100!

Gale Banks

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