Faster Than A Syclone

Here’s Bill Goldberg’s show covering our attempt to beat ourselves at Bonneville.

Around 1990 we set the Worlds Fastest Pickup record at Bonneville with a two way of 204mph and a best mile of 210. Our racer was named the Syclone. A street truck of the same name followed shortly.

In the early 2000’s we returned to break our record with a 735hp Banks/Cummins powered Diesel Dakota named the Banks Sidewinder. We broke our own record with a new two way record, under FIA World Record Sanction, of 217 two way and a best mile of 222 mph.

Other than a gas record being taken by a Diesel the major difference was how each truck arrived at the Salt. The Syclone arrived in a trailer, the Sidewinder arrived pulling its trailer. And, that’s exactly how it should be done. It’s a pickup truck for God’s sake!

Together we’ve held those two records one beating the other for 25 years. The Sidewinder continues to hold the record as of this post.

Gale Banks

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