Cool your RAM 6.7L

Learn how to cool your RAM 6.7L with Banks. As your turbo compresses air, it heats it. If you listen to Gale Banks, you know hot air is less dense than cool air. That’s why your RAM has a charge air cooler. The problem is, once your stock intercooler becomes heat-soaked, it struggles to reduce air temps back down to ambient, especially on really hot days. One of our greatest achievements is the Banks intercooler for the 2013-18 RAM 6.7L.

Cooling your RAM

Creating an intercooler is a balancing act. The goal is to flow as much charge air through it, while increasing its thickness enough to improve cooling, all while maintaining the lowest possible restriction. In other words, you want to cool the boosted air but not at the expense of pressure loss.

The Banks Intercooler on the flow bench

After hundreds of hours of development and flow bench, dyno, and on-road testing, we produced the best intercooler on the market, period. You’ll see cooler EGTs, improved fuel economy, and more constant-duty power even under extreme temperatures. It flows 48% better than stock and allows for a calculated +27 hp and +51 lb-ft gain. And, if you have a tuned RAM, the improvements are even more substantial.

YouTuber and avid RAM enthusiast Ryan Maher only trusts Banks to cool his truck.