Breaking News Commercial

We’re proud to unveil our latest full-length commercial titled, “Breaking News.” In the new spot, a TV reporter finds herself in a middle of an accident where the driver used a throttle booster that wasn’t from Banks. The victim schools the driver on the Banks PedalMonster.

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The two spend the day bonding over the PedalMonster’s helpful features including the Reverse Safety feature that would have prevented the accident. Then the driver rips out his off-brand throttle booster and kicks it to the curb before installing the PedalMonster.

Breaking News: PedalMonster is the best

Make your car or truck more fun to drive. It gives you the ability to custom-tailor your vehicle’s response. PedalMonster is the only OBD-connected throttle controller, which makes it the smartest and safest device of its kind. Patented features like ActiveSafety health monitoring circuitry, Reverse Safety, and Adjustable Low-Speed Trim set it apart from all other throttle boosters. If your car or truck suffers from sluggish throttle response, PedalMonster is the cure.

Breaking News: It makes any car a lot more fun to drive! People are raving about it. Stay ’til the end to see the twist.