Bryan Birdson’s 18′ GMC Denali

Aside from using his 2018 GMC Duramax-powered Denali for travel to corporate offices and job sites, Bryan Birdsong’s rig is used primarily on family excursions. Weekends can often see him towing his open trailer loaded with his ATVs and side-by-sides on 5 to 6-hour trips to go off-roading for the weekend with his entire family. A favorite destination of his clan is an ATV park in Jacksonville, TX. Being that he resides in Arkansas the road trips are long ones, but this destination has something that places closer by don’t have: old friends. Over the years Bryan’s close-knit company of friends may have drifted apart geographically, but the ties that bind keep this particular park reserved for what started out as almost weekly reunions bringing friends and families together. The times have been less frequent as lives get busier, but they try to connect in person, and in fun, at least every three months.

One of the things that Bryan appreciates about the Derringer that he installed is the fact that not only was it easy to install, but it has given him absolutely zero problems. “It was so simple to install that I wasn’t even sure that I did it right,” laughs Bryan. “I must have done it right… because it works really well! I installed the Derringer and iDash with pillar mount on May 28, 2018. I have not had one issue since the install. No codes, no failures, nothing. I love the data I can see now, and I love the added power when I want it. The truck’s power feels like a tidal wave when you lay into it. Merging onto the interstate, when you need to pass, or anytime you want it really!” Bryan also commented about the service that he received before the sale and after. “Sometimes all you can do when you look up things on the internet is see complaints, but that’s not the case here. Customer care before and after the sale has been top-notch, and the Derringer Owner’s Facebook page is great too!”

When asked what truck he has his eyes set on next his answer was rather quick. “I hang on to stuff,” says Bryan, “I don’t go through trucks. Everyone that I’ve had I’ve passed down to my boys, so this one will stay in the family for years to come. I plan on keeping her just the way she is… except for maybe adding a Ram-Air to her.”

Keep on enjoying the performance, Bryan. And about that Ram-Air… well, we know where you can get one at a fair price.