R&D Update: Intercooler

Over the past several decade’s Banks has produced the best intercoolers on the market for Ram, GM, and Ford trucks. These intercoolers are known not only for their precision fitment and their incredible resistance to bursting under boost pressures in excess of 300 PSI but for the Banks approach to getting the most performance possible.

Although the mechanical engineering team has intercooler design down to a science, there are those times when they even surprise themselves. Development for the 2010-2012 Ram intercooler is one such case.

Not only is the intercooler designed with the same goal of getting the most power producing density and flow possible, but the team has upped the capability with this new design. The giant computer-designed tanks are capable of huge flow, making them ideal for racing, street performance, and for those who tow heavy loads. While the stock intercooler is easily tapped out, the new Banks design provides enough headroom for professional racers, hotshots, and weekend warriors.

In the photo above, Curtis from the Banks test group outfits a 2012 Ram with the new intercooler, along with anemometers in front and behind the intercooler, as well as temperature, absolute pressure, and precision delta pressure sensors.

To go from prototype to production, a Banks intercooler must outcool all competitors while maintaining the highest boost pressure, and allowing the most cold-side flow. Cold-side flow refers to the air passing through the face of the intercooler and out the backside, thereby cooling the radiator. This is an often over-looked parameter. You don’t want to starve the radiator of cool air.

Careful fabrication of the over-size boost tubes is also underway to ensure they fit with modified off-road suspension as well as they would in stock configuration. There’s far more to say about this amazing intercooler but the team is keeping the details under wraps for the time being. The giant intercooler will be launching soon.