Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive

Erik Rud: Owner

Erik Rub opened Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive about 10 years ago. The business is actually named after the Thompson River that runs through the city of Loveland. His first shop was budded up against the river, so he let the inspiration flow (get it…?) and decided to name his business after it. Before opening up his own shop, Erik had worked for a few others in town and never liked the way they treated customers or their vehicles. “The last place was my final straw,” says Erick, “That’s why I decided to do this.”

He ventured off and rented a small two-bay shop with only a compressor and the tools that he owned. He quickly outgrew that building within months and needed to relocate. Luckily, there was a local tow company in town that employed a mechanic that was ready to retire. Erik moved into the three-bay shop that already was furnished with lifts ready to go. Within three years Erik’s business outgrew that spot and he was at capacity. Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive has been in its seven-bay home going on six years now, but even now the shop is “bursting at the seams.”

One of the things that makes Erik’s shop successful is its versatility. “We work on whatever comes through the door” laughs Erik. While he admits that the primary business is working on work trucks, they will do performance product installs that comply with emissions. “I’ve never been a big delete or jack up to the sky guy. I let the shops down the street butcher trucks if that’s what the customers want. They’ll make their way to me eventually so that I can fix them up properly.”

And even though the bread and butter are 2500, 3500, 4500 and 5500-style trucks, Erik and his crew work on motorhomes, semis, automobiles, and even electric vehicles. Gas, electric, or diesel… if it moves on wheels Erik and his team can repair it. Equipped with every scan tool that would help his people properly diagnose, Erik confidently says “We can service ‘em all! 

Big Thompson Diesel and Automotive
604 8th Street SE Unit A
Loveland, CO