1997 Jeep 4.0 liter 5-speed Wrangler TJ

Owner: Mitch Richter

Mitch loves his Jeep, but when he put on 37” tires and a long arm suspension, its performance took a nosedive. “My Jeep was alright,” says Mitch, “but I know I lost something when I put that stuff on. I just needed to get a little more, so I went with Banks because I trust them. I felt additional horsepower and torque, which is a very welcome addition with these tires.”

He has been familiar with Banks products since he put their performance cat-back exhaust system on his Camaro back in 1997. “I’ve been a fan of Banks since then, and that exhaust sounded so great!” He also said that the reason he keeps looking to Banks for products for his vehicles is that he loves the engineering that goes into the parts.

“Banks products are highly engineered and not something that was just developed over the weekend. I like all the testing that is done, and that the thought process isn’t just that Banks wants to sell something. The parts useful, they do what Banks says it will do, and the product usually beats everyone else’s on the market.”

Mitch also said that the Banks logo on the side of his Jeep is a great talking point with all of the people he meets. “They’ll ask me about Banks, and I love spreading the good word on what’s on my vehicle, and why chose Banks over anything else.”