Banks Straight-Shot® Water Methanol Injection

In this article I’ve gathered some really great resources that best explain this performance enhancing method that has been around for over a hundred years.

The Banks Straight-Shot System addresses two sides; emissions reduction/fuel efficiency and power output. It’s a universal technology, it can work on any fuel, any type of internal combustion engine. What Banks Power has done is incorporate this “old” technology with “new” technology. The Straight-Shot System maps the delivery of the fluid directly to the demand of the engine. It can add 75-400HP, depending on the application.  In addition, all Banks Power street products are emissions legal.

Another great resource that talks in detail about water-meth is an article that Diesel Army published.

As the liquid is absorbing heat energy from the surrounding air, it is essentially reducing the intake temperature. As you may already be aware, air is denser at lower temperatures. So, by reducing intake temperatures, the cylinders are receiving more oxygen per unit volume. This helps to increase both horsepower and torque.

To read the rest of the article, just click on the image above or click HERE to go to Diesel Army’s website. 

Here’s some more proof that the Banks StraightShot and DoubleShot System works. We know this because we’ve tested vehicles on our dyno.


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