Banks L5P Derringer is flying off the shelf

When we released our Derringer tuner for the 2017-18 L5P Duramax we knew we had a great product on our hands, but what we didn’t know was how far we hit it out of the park in terms of its success. Customer demand for this Derringer absolutely blew away our expectations and our inventory! We even had to rob parts from other Derringer tuner models just to keep up until we actually sold out… twice! “Wow, this is fantastic!” said Gale Banks. “Let’s fill those orders!”

How it Stacks Up

When you compare the Derringer to what’s on the market and just look at the facts, it’s easy to see why the Derringer is such a hit. There are only a few competitors with tuner-based performance devices besides us, and no ECM flash programmer in sight (we’ve heard the rumors that someone in a basement has “cracked” the ECM, but there’s nothing actually out).

Unlike flash programmers, a tuner doesn’t reprogram the ECM, it augments signals on key sensors to get the best performance it can. The difference between the competition and us: They work with one or two sensors, that’s it. They claim up to 100 hp with just those one or two connections… impossible. They also don’t really have any intelligence built in, so they have no idea what’s going on with your truck, how much fuel is being used, or what the consequences are to the engine and DPF.

Then there’s the L5P Derringer: a micro-computer that not only connects to the same sensors but adds over 15 additional OBD-II parameters from the truck’s ECM. This optimizes performance and adds a host of safety features to protect both you and your truck. By using this “insider information” the Derringer trounces the competition in all aspects of performance including horsepower gains, 0-80mph times, quarter-mile times, and towing performance.

Unmatched Protection

The Derringer also provides unmatched protection and power using TransCommand® transmission safety, AutoRate® intelligent tuning, and ActiveSafety® to ensure safe power to the engine and drivetrain. Oh, and did we mention up to 6 power levels when used with the iDash 1.8 SuperGauge. When you look at what Derringer has to offer out of the box there is no comparison.

“But what kind of horsepower and torque are we talk’n about here” you ask? A real 61 hp and 112 lb-ft of torque, which blows away the competition. And it’s no brag, either. We’ve done all the testing on the Derringer including the competition and published the results. Not only that, independent shops have done their own testing to check up on our results. They confirmed it … we were telling the truth in our advertising, and the other guys are being “creative” with their claims. That company that claimed 100 hp? More like 14 hp and 30 lb-ft of torque! Ouch!

Then there’s the price: the L5P Derringer starts at just $479, while that supposed “100 hp” one costs $649!

When you take a look at any of the tuners on the market and consider the price, features, and actual results that you get you to see why the Derringer is in such high demand. And don’t worry, we’re stocking up on our supply of Derringers for the L5P so go ahead and order one and get ready to be blown away by real, proven power and features you can’t get anywhere else.

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