’24 RAM with 900 Miles Goes Banks

With just a few miles on the odometer, Brian McDonald drove his 2024 Ram 3500 3500 from El Paso, Texas to Banks’ SoCal installation center. The 3500 HD is brand new and was made just the way that he ordered it. “It’s an early retirement present to myself,” confessed Brian. “It’ll probably be the last truck that I’ll own. It’s exactly the way that I wanted it. I’ve been saving for this truck since 2007 when I retired from active duty, and I finally pulled the trigger before RAM adds any more emissions equipment, kill switches, or any of the other rumored stuff.”

“I’ve followed Gale since I was a kid. I’ve always wanted a reason to have some Banks products, and now was the time. With that grid heater bolt being the single point of failure on these engines, I wanted to replace this weak point with the Monster-Ram. I want this truck to last long enough to pass down to my kids, and I don’t want a bolt to take that away. While I was at Banks, I thought I might as well get the Ram-Air IntakeBoost Tube Upgrade, and Monster Exhaust. Normally, this is the kind of work I’d like to do myself, but my schedule was such this month that I didn’t want to spend my days off working on the truck in my driveway, so I decided to make a trip to Banks for installation. Who else knows better how to install Banks products than Banks?”

“Since getting it a month ago it was just sitting while I drove another truck of mine, and any of the miles that I’ve put on it was just running it through a carwash. This trip has been a great shakedown for the truck, and I have to tell you that I’m tickled by all the Banks equipment! Going home, I’ve actually seen an increase in fuel mileage by about 2 MPG. That’s pretty darn good and will probably get even better. And as far as performance, I can easily pass other vehicles. When you get that much extra airflow through the engine you’re going to have great results. And when you open the hood, everything looks factory, like it belongs there.”