2024 Duramax Ram-Air Intake R&D

The 2024 Duramax Ram-Air Intake System is in development, but it will take our best and brightest. As 2020-2023 L5P owners have learned, the MAF sensor is far more sensitive than previous generations of the Duramax. Any deviation in the cross-sectional area at the MAF sensor will result in a check engine light. In other words, aftermarket intake manufacturers cannot alter airflow characteristics from stock. This new MAF sensor also detects differences in air pressure. If an intake manufacturer replaces the stock filter with a more unrestricted flowing element, the pressure in the intake tube increases. The sensor transmits this data to the ECM, which interprets it as a hole in the filter or that the filter is so clogged that it has taco’d (bent), and the air is circumventing it. Again, in their attempts to improve airflow by reducing restrictions, intake manufacturers will cause a check engine light.

The Patented Air Mass Control Module makes the Banks Ram-Air Intake possible for the 2024 Duramax and older models

We solved these issues with Banks’ patented Air Mass Control Module, integral to the Ram-Air intake system for 2020-23 Duramax trucks. The Air Mass Control module alters the sensor’s data before it reaches the truck’s ECM. This allows us to greatly enlarge the cross-sectional area at the MAF sensor and increase the pressure with a low-restriction SuperTube and Big-Ass filter without causing a check engine light. One look, and you’ll see just how massive the new SuperTube is. This colossal volume increases the intake’s “gulp capacity.” Think of it like a capacitor. When the turbo needs a quick hit of high-density air, it’s in the tube, ready to go. 

However, the 2024 Duramax now presents a new challenge! The MAF sensor doesn’t just transmit mass air flow data as an analog signal. There is a new digital signal in parallel with the analog signal. For our new Air Mass Control Module to deliver increased air mass to the turbo, it must now decipher, manipulate, and broadcast this new digital signal to the ECM. This endeavor further illustrates how Banks wins over other intake brands. They design air boxes with little or no engineering, selling engine dress-up parts that add little more than aesthetics. Moving into 2024, it’s clear that without highly skilled electrical engineering teams, intake manufacturers will continue to sell stock airflow while Banks continues to deliver actual performance gains.

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