2022 Ford F-250 6.7L

Carli Suspension is one of the most coveted brands among RAM fans. Even though Carli was well established with RAM trucks, they didn’t forget about Fords. “The preference is old RAMs,” said Dan, “but I like newer Fords for various reasons. My 2003 RAM long-travel suspension is my desert truck, and my new 2022 Ford F-250 is the family truck. I like the aluminum frame, the 6.7L, and a laundry list of things that set Ford ahead of the rest. I actually started to make Ford suspension right when they brought out the 2011 and their own engine, the 6.7L. We never had anything against them, we were just so busy with the RAM that we just didn’t have the bandwidth.”

Dan’s New 2022 Ford F-250

Dan’s brand new 2022 Ford F-250, complete with Tremor package, was modded within days of purchase. Dan installed his 5.5” Pintop kit that incorporates 2.5” Remote Reservoir King custom-tuned shocks, a torsion sway bar, new leaf springs in the back, an adjustable radius arm, high-mount steering stabilizer, and every other product that Carli makes for this truck. He also put on 20” wheels. So now the truck rides right thanks to the suspension, but everything feels like you’re under the turbo. The transmission is great, but I found myself always having to modulate the throttle to get the response. That’s why I needed the Banks PedalMonster.

After playing with the settings one weekend and I tried track mode. I was amazed at what this little plug-in module could do. I mean it literally can snap your head back to the headrest and makes it feel like you’re driving an old-school big block. That setting was actually too touchy for me, so I backed it down to the City Mode just to get the mush, the slop out of the factory pedal. So far City mode level 4 is my favorite. The PedalMonster makes it feel like you have more of a connection from the pedal to what the motor is doing, and the driving experience is just better.”

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