2019 Chevy Silverado L5P

Allan Kish’s 2019 Silverado truck only had 1,500 miles when the need for a new exhaust system arose. He had it for only four days when he accidentally ripped the tip-off and destroyed the rest of the exhaust system while backing up into his driveway while parking his 40’ gooseneck trailer. “It just got caught and pulled everything under,” said Allan. “I was on one of the Facebook pages later that day learning about what Banks had and a guy responded to my post that he had a system that I needed that he originally bought for his truck, but never installed. Turns out that he was just down the road, so I went the very next day and bought it.”

While Allan’s truck is stock except for the 5″ Monster Exhaust, he knows where he’s going when he wants to add more power, and why. “We farm, so we haul everything around. Tractors, fuel wagons, trucks, JCB handlers, we tow it all. The thing I like is that the exhaust exits to the side. That’s important because the tip doesn’t get shoved in the mud, or God forbid ripped off again. The other advantage is that it’s better for anything that I’m towing because hot exhaust gasses from regen aren’t pointed directly at what’s on my trailer. I’ve looked into the tuning options for more power for the truck down the road, and I trust Banks more than the other guys. When it comes time for more power, Banks is the one that I’m going to go with. I’ve seen too many others blow stuff up with their tuning, and I want my truck to last for the long haul.”

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