2019-22 RAM 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel Ram-Air Intake

Flowbench testing and fitment of the 3D printed prototype Ram-Air intake system for the 2019-2022 RAM 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel is well underway. First, Banks mechanical engineers measured the stock intake system’s airflow characteristics and its relationship with the ECM. The stock intake was instrumented and tested on the dyno, the highway, and the flow bench as seen above. They then began their quest to improve upon those factory flow characteristics by using computer-aided modeling and CFD (computational fluid dynamics).

What may surprise you is that increasing airflow isn’t the only challenge. Increasing airflow without setting check engine lights is a more difficult task. The factory ECM wants to see a narrow set of parameters. Exceed those parameters and the ECM lets you know it.

After exhaustive testing, the engineering team came up with the optimum design for the greatest air density increase while staying within the factory’s limits. That means no check engine lights! The forthcoming Ram-Air cold air intake is the ideal airflow upgrade. Not only does it outflow the stock intake and all competitors, but its massive air filter element captures far more debris. This means it keeps flowing well long after the others are clogged. And, when you add other performance upgrades like the Banks Derringer tuner and PedalMonster throttle booster, the gains are even greater. Stay tuned for data and release date. Shop RAM EcoDiesel parts now.