When you’re winning, you might as well show it, right? Founded by our fearless leader above, Banks is the winningest brand in the diesel performance aftermarket. With dozens of patents and innovations under his belt, Gale Banks has no intention of retiring. Why would he? He loves what he does. He’s the epitome of that old adage— “If you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life.” Well, that’s Gale. Nothing brings him joy like hanging out with his team of engineers and fabricators dreaming up new ways to improve your vehicle.

This afternoon he sat down to discuss a camshaft design and all we could see were his socks. Those checkered flag socks and Navy Seals shirt were broadcasting a message that transcended the cotton they were made of. While we can’t go into detail about the Navy, we can tell you that his socks were earned. Every record at Bonneville and the dragstrip, every patent, every innovation… All earned. 

Oh, if you ever find yourself in Azusa, CA, stop by for a tour. You never know what socks Gale will be wearing next, but we know he’ll be winning! You can even book an appointment to have Banks products installed.